LDR Course


Learn how to make delicious raw food in the comfort of your own kitchen at a pace to suit you.

Living Deliciously Raw is the ultimate start to a brand new healthy lifestyle, and therefore a deliciously healthy new you!

Whether you’re new to raw foods, experienced and stuck in a raw food rut, or whether you need some new delicious raw inspiration, this programme will provide you with amazingly delicious recipes and useful technical know-how so you can introduce a whole new range of raw foods to your life… Foods and recipes that will give you a sense of eating something truly delicious – without the negative impact that many cooked foods have on your body and with all of the nutritiousness and deliciousness left well-and-truly in!


Why is this for me?

This is for you if you love raw food and want to increase the amount of raw food that you eat in the most delicious way imaginable.

You want to impress and WOW your friends and family or encourage your family to eat more fruit and veg in a way that they can get excited about.

You have fallen off the raw food wagon and want to get back on in STYLE!

Chances are that you have already invested in your health to a significant degree, whether it’s time and energy in learning how to eat healthily, money in experimenting with different raw foods and recipes that may or may not have worked out, or paying for weight loss programs or treatments for health issues that you’d really rather do without.

Experimentation can be costly in many ways, and the last thing you want is to spend hours making recipes that don’t taste good, or wasting a lot of money on ingredients that you just don’t use. Without proper planning, raw food can become a very expensive affair!


Course Overview




From setting up your raw food kitchen to how to guides, breakfasts, soups, teatime treats and desserts. Each module has an assignment for you to complete before you move on. View the module's content via this link.




You will have your own individual profile page where you can share your raw food journey and photos with others. You will also be able to upload your assignments and receive feedback from Chef Deborah.




Join our raw foodie community and have continual access to the forum where you can chat, swap ideas and ask questions of Chef Deborah and other participants.





Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding preparing raw food that can save you time and money.





Module 1
Module 6 - Teatime Treats
More Decadent Desserts
Toasting the Season


" Whether you are new to raw food or whether you are an experienced professional, the course with extra video tutorials will inspire and teach you some of the very best of what raw food has to offer. Everything from the basics of nut milks to more advanced dinner party treats and everything in between. Every recipe is explained in detail and beautifully presented "
Beverley Bird
“ Through Deb’s course I have learnt numerous skills to enable me to ‘cook’ fantastic food and given me the basis to build up my own repertoire. There is a great range of recipes to experiment with from hot drinks to soups, main meals to desserts & Deb has always been readily available to answer my questions & has been a fantastic support ”
Vanessa Flook, Somerset, UK
“ Learning to cook in a new way, I’ve taken part in several online raw food cooking courses, and wanted to add a new dimension of knowledge to my raw food cooking. From insider Chef’s notes, to cooking tips, to contrasting scrumptious recipes for all courses, to the dynamic forum which felt like our Raw Food Chef was at our elbow guiding us ”
Philomena, Ottawa, Canada
“ If you have a sweet tooth then you are in for a real treat – or many treats – the Rich Banoffee Shortbread is an absolute stunner and, in my opinion, this recipe alone is worth every penny of the course cost. The recipe cards are also beautifully presented. I cannot recommend this course highly enough ”
Sue Halfyard, Spain
“ She offers students her expertise and very best at every level. Beginning with a foundation of delectable recipes, she guides students through to success with tips, tricks and final plating presentation. ‘Living Deliciously Raw’ is a must-take course for anyone wanting to add a little, a little more or a lot of raw food to their diet successfully ”
Janet Hockstein, Canada
“ For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation ”
Karen Knowler – The Raw Food Coach



If you know it’s your time and you are ready to start Living Deliciously Raw, then you can purchase ALL of the first five modules for an introductory price of just £49 (approximately $76 USD) (Normal price £147).

After this, modules will be charged at £49 per single module (approx $76 USD)
£99 for 3 modules (approx. $154 USD)

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